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Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget

Georgia’s Economic Recovery Requires State Support for Education, Transportation, Health Care The Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget report examines the Governor’s fiscal year 2014 budget  and its impact on the public resources that matter most to Georgians.  The

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Survey Says: Trouble for Schools

Georgia school districts report that classrooms are more crowded than ever and students are spending fewer days in school due to substantial cuts in state funding. These developments do not encourage effective teaching or learning, and may undermine learning and

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Georgia Budget Primer 2013

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) Georgia Budget Primer 2013 provides a snapshot of Georgia’s finances and the trends that must be reversed to put the state on sound economic footing. In developing a solid financial plan for Georgia,

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Affordable Care Act Benefits Georgia

Health Care Law Expands Coverage, Saves State Money Since March 2010, a variety of provisions of the Affordable Care Act have been implemented that expand health insurance coverage to thousands of Georgians, particularly young adults and Georgians previously denied coverage.

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