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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: House Budget

Overall, the House FY 2013 Appropriations Bill, HB 742, referred to as the House FY 2013 Budget contains relatively minor adjustments to the governor’s budget proposal. Many of the adjustments restore some of the additional cuts as well as replace some

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: Budget Overview

The FY 2013 Budget Analysis: Budget Overview report examines the Governor’s FY 2013 budget  and its impact on the public resources that matter most to Georgians. The policy brief also provides an overview of specific areas of the Governor’s budget including lottery funds, tobacco settlement

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CAPCO: A Bad Investment for Georgia

Many Georgia policymakers and business leaders contend the state has a shortage of venture capital, a form of business financing that helps fund early stage companies.  To remedy this problem, some Georgia leaders are considering CAPCO legislation, an expensive tax

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State of Working Georgia 2011

State of Working Georgia uses data on wages, jobs, unemployment and poverty to closely examine the effect of the economy on everyday Georgians. The report is produced annually, and is part of the State of Working America project from the

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