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Tax Shift Plan Threatens Georgia

Some state lawmakers and interest groups are developing proposals designed to drastically cut or eliminate Georgia’s income tax and replace the lost revenue with a higher sales tax. Occasionally known by misnomers such as the “fair tax,” these plans are

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Improving College Completion: Scaling Promising Reforms

Too many students begin college but never finish. Many enter unprepared for college-level work and never get beyond developmental courses intended to build the academic skills necessary to master more advanced coursework. Athens Technical College transformed its developmental courses in

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The Intersection of Public Health and Economic Health

Georgia ranks near the bottom of many national measures of health status, but conditions vary significantly throughout the state. This session will examine health status disparities within Georgia and explore the link between health status and the economic vitality in

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What Works: Moving from Poverty to Independence

In recent memory, a lot of negative attention has been focused on anti-poverty programs. A significant number of people believe that some or all of these programs are not effective in lifting people out of poverty, yet little attention is

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Teacher Preparation: A New Direction

Many teacher preparation programs do not fully prepare teacher candidates to be effective in the classroom. A new model of teacher training is now emerging: the teacher residency. This system borrows from the system long used to train doctors. It

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Weekly Legislative Update, February 13, 2012

This Week in the Georgia Legislature State Revenues The January Revenue numbers have not been released as yet.  The release is expected any day. State Revenues for the first six months of this fiscal year are only running 5.2 percent ahead

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