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The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a successful federal tax credit and powerful tool to support working families struggling to make ends meet. Georgia has a golden opportunity to strengthen working families, support small businesses and boost local economies with a state EITC. EITC Awareness Day was Friday, Jan. 29. In case you missed the festivities, here are highlights from the day.
Too many Georgians today work hard and play by the rules but fail to get ahead. Incomes are down, wages are flat and expenses are rising for low- and moderate-income families statewide. The yearly tax bill for working families can mean the difference between putting food on the table, making rent or having cash for middle-class investments like owning a reliable car to get to work. A Georgia EITC has been called “pro-family, poverty-fighting tax reform” by the YWCA of Greater Atlanta.
A state EITC is a credit for working families that helps Georgians throughout life.
A state EITC would:
  • Provide a bottom-up tax cut to more than a million Georgia households
  • Help Georgians with jobs afford the basics and work their way into the middle class
  • Boost small businesses, local economies and Georgia’s future workforce
Working moms, military families and rural families would all get a boost from a Georgia EITC.
The EITC is also a powerful policy tool for lifting families out of poverty with a bottom-up tax cut.
The federal EITC has been so successful that most states have already adopted EITCs of their own. Georgia could be next.
A Georgia EITC would help many hardworking Georgians become more self-sufficient and prosperous. Watch Kim Anderson, CEO of Families First, explain what a state EITC would mean to these families struggling to get by.
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