Georgia Women’s Policy Institute Leverages Facts for Change

Working with GBPI was the key to my understanding of tax and budget issues that affect women and girls.
-Michelle Schreiner, Georgia Women’s Policy Institute Fellow

Michelle Schreiner and the other fellows at the Georgia Women’s Policy Institute brought with them plenty of dedication and energy to advocate for the betterment of Georgia families. Arm her and the other fellows with GBPI’s rock-solid facts to make the case for specific policies and you unleash a powerhouse for change.

Women contribute an important voice to Georgia’s tax and budget policy making and advocacy. Amplifying that voice is in the best interest of the state’s families and children and Georgia as a whole.

Working with members of the GBPI team, Michelle and other fellows get training to help educate state leaders about how the decisions they make in the halls of the Capitol will ripple through the lives of millions of Georgians.

Many people focused on improving the quality of life in communities across Georgia rely on GBPI to help bolster their case with facts. That creates a growing chorus of voices to make the case for better state policies. Advocates like these take our numbers and data and bring them to life.

GBPI is known as a unique resource in Georgia. It’s the only organization that regularly produces research to show how solid investments in public schools, the health care system and other quality of life essentials should be a top state priority. But it takes more than a white paper to turn that research into action.

It takes people like Michelle Schreiner.

GBPI is determined to include a wide variety of people and interests that align with GBPI’s mission to help Georgia create a more inclusive economy.

Michelle Schreiner was already a passionate advocate for Georgia’s working families. When she combines her passion with a command of GBPI’s fact-based reasoning, she is a dynamo for change.

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