People Powered Prosperity: A People-First Economic Vision for Georgia

Georgia today fails to fully leverage the state’s most powerful economic asset—its own people. The most successful, prosperous states are those that build a broad and inclusive middle class, with ample opportunities for people to work their way into it. When families hold good-paying jobs and have money to spend at local shops and restaurants, businesses and the broader economy reap the benefits. When young people attend quality schools that instill a love of learning, they become the next generation of entrepreneurs and inventors. When workers are healthy, literate and well-trained, they fill critical workforce gaps and help their companies grow. When social and economic barriers for women, people of color and immigrants are dismantled, everyone can enjoy the promise of an equitable and prosperous future.

The state holds the promise of a place with a more inclusive economy and more secure middle class, where families from diverse backgrounds rise out of poverty and where lots of new wealth still flows to innovators. To reach that goal, state lawmakers need a new economic vision.
Georgia has long employed a business-first approach to the economy, defined by corporate tax breaks, lax regulations and low wages. But what Georgia needs for a stronger and fairer economy is a people-first strategy focused on four strategic goals: Educated youth, skilled workers, thriving families and healthy communities.
The most prosperous states are anchored by an educated and healthy workforce and offer opportunities for people to innovate and contribute. People-Powered Prosperity lays out an eight-point policy approach for Georgia lawmakers to better invest in families and communities. These will lead to an economy with opportunity for everyone by helping tap people’s economic potential.
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