PRESS RELEASE: Schools Left with the Bill: Results of GBPI 2023 School District Survey

ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute (GBPI), a leading independent research and advocacy organization, has unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 School District Survey Report, shedding light on the state of education funding and its impact on Georgia’s public school districts.

Every year, GBPI reaches out to public school superintendents across the state to gather crucial insights on the challenges and opportunities facing Georgia’s educational landscape. This year, a remarkable 56% of all public school students in Georgia were represented in the survey, thanks to the participation of school superintendents and central office staff from 94 of Georgia’s 224 school districts and state-authorized public charter schools. The diversity in the size, geography, and student populations of the participating districts ensures that the report provides a comprehensive and representative view of the state’s education system.

The 2023 School District Survey Report focuses on four key areas:

  1. School Employee Salaries: The report examines the impact of funding on school employee salaries, highlighting the critical need for fair compensation to retain and attract quality educators.
  2. Impact of Inflation: With an eye on economic challenges, the report discusses how inflation affects the educational system and the necessary adjustments to ensure the highest quality of education.
  3. Health Care Benefits: The report delves into the provision of health care benefits for school employees, emphasizing the importance of support for the employer portion of non-certified employee health insurance.
  4. Funding to Educate Students Living in Poverty: The report brings attention to the significant disparities in funding for students living in poverty and underscores the need to create an Opportunity Weight in the school funding formula to address these disparities.

Throughout the report, survey respondents’ names, titles, and districts have been used with permission, offering readers valuable insights and personal perspectives from those on the front lines of Georgia’s education system.

This comprehensive report provides a unique opportunity to better understand the consequences of implemented policies in Georgia’s K-12 public education system. It uncovers vital information about school finances, highlights under-reported impacts of state policies on public education, and makes a compelling case for additional funding to support specific populations.

In response to the report’s findings, GBPI calls on Georgia stakeholders to take action and:

  • Create an Opportunity Weight in the school funding formula to support students in poverty: Addressing funding disparities and ensuring all students have access to a quality education.
  • Increase state investment in pupil transportation: To guarantee safe and efficient transportation for all students.
  • Support schools with the employer portion of non-certified employee health insurance: Ensuring that all school staff have access to adequate health care benefits.

The 2023 School District Survey Report is available now and can be accessed on GBPI’s website at the following LINK.

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