RECAP: GBPI Discusses Key Findings and Offers In-depth Analysis of Georgia’s FY 2024 Budget

 RECAP: GBPI Discusses Key Findings and Offers In-depth Analysis of Georgia’s FY 2024 Budget

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Yesterday, the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute held a virtual Town Hall to present and discuss the findings and recommendations outlined in its signature Georgia Budget Primer. The publication is a comprehensive analysis of the state’s FY 2024 budget and lays out changes and trends to help Georgians better understand the impact of state spending on their communities and their lives.

The Primer highlights the need for critical improvements to our state government — Georgia ranks 49th in the nation for share of adults with health insurance coverage and 33rd for share of children with health insurance coverage. In addition, it is one of six states without specific funding for students in poverty and one of only two states that do not provide need-based aid for college students.

Statement from GBPI President and CEO Staci Fox:

“The Georgia Budget Primer Town Hall is part of a longstanding tradition at GBPI because there is simply no substitute for hearing directly from policy experts about ways to equitably optimize the state budget to benefit all Georgians.  It is clear from our analysis of Georgia’s FY 2024 budget that more must be done to ensure all Georgians can access economic security, especially in a period of economic turbulence.

Georgia’s leaders have an opportunity to invest in the prosperity of the state by responsibly allocating surplus funds and prioritizing people-centered policy. Lawmakers and Georgia’s Executive Branch should be exploring ways to address the flaws and inefficiencies in our current systems all year long – not only during the Legislative Session. By making the necessary investments in core areas of our government like public education, health care, and the social safety net, Georgia’s leaders can help ensure a more equitable future for everyone.”

During the presentation, GBPI’s experts explored the budget implications for various policy areas, including taxes, education, health care, human services and the criminal legal system. The presentation concluded with a Q&A segment where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions directly to GBPI’s policy analysts.

View the full presentation here.
About GBPI:

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) strives to be an anti-racist research and advocacy organization that advances lasting solutions to expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. We examine the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions that address inequities in our state. We educate the public about complex issues confronting Georgia. We activate Georgians to call for policy solutions that put people first. We aim to inspire informed debate and decision-making, advancing our vision of a fair and inclusive Georgia where everyone can prosper. 


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