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The state budget is a reflection of Georgia’s priorities. A stable, equitable tax system is essential to ensuring Georgia can provide important services for its residents and to make strategic investments that promote job growth. A balanced approach to the state budget is crucial to growing our state’s economy and expanding shared opportunity for all Georgians.
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Sponsorship Opportunities for Insights 2023

Download Sponsorship Package About Insights attracts more than 500 attendees who are passionate about a variety of policy …

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Insights 2023: Equitable Budgeting Makes Perfect Sense

2023 Insights Policy Conference: Equitable Budgeting Makes Perfect Sense In-person Reception on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 & Virtual …

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With Record Surplus, Georgia Stands at a Crossroads Ahead of Pivotal Budget Session

Last month, Georgia’s Department of Revenue released its report of unaudited tax collections for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, …

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Georgia Budget Trends Primer for State Fiscal Year 2023

Budget Trends The $30.2 billion state budget signed into law by Gov. Kemp for FY 2023, which started …

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Georgia Revenue Primer for State Fiscal Year 2023

Introduction Georgia plans to spend $30.2 billion in state money raised through taxes and fees for the 2023 …

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New Tax Plan Risks State’s Long-Term Fiscal Health, Worsens Income and Racial Inequities

    House Bill 1437, signed into law by Gov. Kemp after a final version emerged during the …

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Georgia Invests $255 Million More In FY 2023 Budget for College Affordability

Two of the biggest higher education investments and policy changes this year come through the Fiscal Year (FY) …

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Sine Die 2022: Improvements to Health and Education Affordability Are Coming, But Risky Tax Legislation Passes, too

This year’s Legislative Session finished in a flurry of last-minute votes that extended late into the night on …

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General Assembly Considers Rewrite of State Income Tax Code, House-Passed Bill Primarily Benefits Wealthiest

Key Takeaways Members of the House and Senate are debating a series of major changes to Georgia’s personal …

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Letter Asking Lawmakers to Reject Risky Flat Tax

At a time when leading Georgia lawmakers have the option to better fund core services that promote economic …

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Crossover Day 2022: Strong Health and Economic Legislation Cross Over, But Dangerous Tax Threat Remains

Yesterday, March 15, marked Crossover Day 2022, the day by which a bill generally must pass out of …

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House Proposes Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthiest, Slashing State Revenues | Bill Analysis: House Bill 1437 (LC 43 2318S)

    Members of the Georgia General Assembly are considering House Bill 1437 (LC 43 2318S), legislation that …

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