Equity in Taxes


The state budget is a reflection of Georgia’s priorities. A stable, equitable tax system is essential to ensuring Georgia can provide important services for its residents and to make strategic investments that promote job growth. A balanced approach to the state budget is crucial to growing our state’s economy and expanding shared opportunity for all Georgians.
Washington-Dollar-Portrait-696x463 Budget and Taxes

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: House and Senate Improve Short-Term Fiances, but Pass Revenue Drains on Future Budgets

The General Assembly took some positive steps to address the $5 billion deficit. However, they continued passing long-term …

Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

Major Differences Between House and Senate Fiscal Year 2011 Budgets

Both the House and Senate largely kept the governor’s cuts for this current fiscal year and what he …

Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

House Bill 1198 Eliminates $21 Million in Tax Credits for 1 Million of the Poorest Georgians

This report documents the Senate’s amendment to a house bill that raises taxes on the poorest during this …

GoldDome2 (1) Budget and Taxes

Overview of the House of Representatives Proposed FY 2011 Budget

The House’s version of the FY 2011 budget balances the budget by incorporating additional budget cuts than that …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

House FY 2011 Health Care Budgets Highlights

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget cuts General Fund spending in the Department of Community Health (DCH) …

Classroom-Elementary1 (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the House’s FY 2011 Education Budget

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget cuts K-12, University System, and Technical Colleges — by an additional …

Homeless (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the House’s FY 2011 Budget Proposal for the Dept. of Human Services

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget proposal cuts the Department of Human Services budget by an additional …

Wallet-Squeeze (1) Budget and Taxes

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes 2010: The Impact of Revenue Bills Passed by the House

The House of Reps passed bills to raise nearly $300 million in new revenues and improve tax collections. …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Should Find new Revenue to Ensure Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Georgia’s Medicaid program needs nearly $1 billion for FY 2011 and FY 2012. This shortfall is not due …

Wallet-Squeeze (1) Budget and Taxes

Capital Gains Tax Breaks, 2010

Capital gains tax preferences are costly, inequitable, and ineffective. They deprive states of millions of dollars in needed …

GoldDome2 (1) Budget and Taxes

Most Drastic Cuts Endanger Those Hurt By The Recession.

Governor Perdue recently ordered three percent more in cuts to the Department of Human Services (DHS), which is …

Capitol-3- (1) Budget and Taxes

House Bill 1219 Singles Out the Poorest Georgians to Tax

More than 1 million Georgia taxpayers claimed the Low Income Tax Credit in 2007, receiving $29 million in …

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