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Georgia’s health care system is not meeting the needs of its diverse and growing population. About 1.4 million Georgians are uninsured and many more are at risk of losing coverage. Strengthening Georgia’s investment in health care is critical to assure all Georgians get an opportunity to lead a healthy life.
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What is in Store for Georgia’s Medicaid Enrollment?

The new healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act) increases eligibility for Medicaid and provides states significant new funding …

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Georgia & Federal Government Ensure Elderly and Newborns Have Safety Net

Georgia’s Medicaid program is a significant payer of healthcare services for some of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents. This …

doctor (1) Budget and Taxes

New Federal Tax Credit Benefits 84% of Small Businesses in Georgia

The new healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act) includes new tax credits to help small businesses provide health …

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More Georgians Lack Employer Coverage

This fact sheet provides the latest Affordable Care Act on health coverage and uninsured rates for Georgia. The …

Hospital-Room (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Protect Medicaid, Funding Gaps Loom for 2012: Analysis of FY 2011 Health Care Budgets

Lawmakers cut Department of Community Health by $236.8 million and increased support for the Department of Behavioral Health …

Doctor-Exam (1) Budget and Taxes

Georgia is Depending on Congress to Avert a Medicaid Crisis

Georgia’s new budget assumes Recovery Act Medicaid funds will be extended past Dec. 31, when it is expires. …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

House FY 2011 Health Care Budgets Highlights

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget cuts General Fund spending in the Department of Community Health (DCH) …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Should Find new Revenue to Ensure Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Georgia’s Medicaid program needs nearly $1 billion for FY 2011 and FY 2012. This shortfall is not due …

Nurse-Blood-Pressure (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the Governor’s Amended FY 2010 & FY 2011 Health Care Budget Proposals

The enacted fiscal year (FY) 2010 budget spared the Department of Community Health (DCH) from large-scale program cuts …

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