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Georgia’s health care system is not meeting the needs of its diverse and growing population. About 1.4 million Georgians are uninsured and many more are at risk of losing coverage. Strengthening Georgia’s investment in health care is critical to assure all Georgians get an opportunity to lead a healthy life.
hospital-beds Fact Sheets

Medicaid Waiver Principles for Georgia’s Health Crisis

The Medicaid program is a state-federal partnership in which states contribute and receive federal matching dollars to provide …

GBPI 2019 Policy Priorities

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute works to build a more inclusive economy so that everyone can participate …

2018-1 Blog

GBPI’s Most Read of 2018

This year, set organizational records for pageviews and visitors as we covered everything from our annual budget …

Matt-and-Dianne Blog

Health Insurance Would Help Matt and Other Georgians Recover From Mental Illness

Matt Hiltman lowered his shoulder as his horse galloped down the windswept field, kicking up clods of earth …

cigarettes-78001_1920 Budget and Taxes

Increase the State Tobacco Tax for a Healthier Georgia

Georgia could raise more than $400 million a year to make critical investments for the health and well-being …

Stewart-Webster-Hospital-696x438 Blog

Expanding Rural Hospital Tax Credit Won’t Cure Georgia’s Health Ailments

Georgia lawmakers may consider boosting the state’s annual tax credit for rural hospitals from $60 million to $100 …

Dr.-Giridhar-Mallya-Presentation-696x464 Budget and Taxes

Tax Credits to Improve Health: Briefing Recap

Public health and taxes. While it may seem like an unlikely pairing, GBPI brought the two topics together …

Baby-getting-checkup Budget and Taxes

State Earned Income Tax Credits — a Proven Tool to Improve Health

People living in communities suffering from poverty are more likely to be saddled with poorer health.[1] The richest …

Polling Budget and Taxes

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for GBPI’s People-First Plan

An overwhelming majority of Georgians want the state to invest in people-first strategies including expanded access to education …

Health-care-Primer-2019 Budget Primer

Georgia Health Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2019

Georgia Health Care Budget Overview Health care services are primarily delivered through three state agencies, the departments of …

2019-budget Budget and Taxes

Georgia Budget Primer 2019

Click on the links below to learn about different policy areas of the 2019 budget. State Budget K-12 …

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Food Assistance Helps Promote a Healthy Georgia

About 1.7 million Georgians receive help to put meals on the table through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, …

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