A Welcoming Environment for Immigrants


About one in ten Georgians are foreign-born. Immigrants are our neighbors, friends and family members. Immigrants are also key drivers of Georgia’s economy, but state and federal policies both create barriers to prosperity for immigrants in our state. A welcoming environment for immigrants will enrich our state and boost economic outcomes.
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Proposed Rule Change Threatens Legal Immigrants, U.S.-Born Children

The Trump administration appears likely to propose a change to longstanding immigration rules that could lead immigrants lawfully …

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Sine Die 2018: Education Gets its Due

A fully funded K-12 education formula. Hasty and sweeping tax changes. Georgia’s first foray into need-based financial aid …

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All Georgians Stand to Lose from Immigrant Crackdown Measure

Georgia lawmakers are considering a bill that poses serious risk to the state’s immigrant community and could harm …

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Georgia’s Higher Education Goals Hurt by Undocumented Student Policies

Across Georgia, people aspire to go to college. But students caught in the web of immigration laws and …

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Adding Citizens a Powerful Way to Boost Georgia Communities

States and cities nationwide are discovering they can strengthen their local economies and boost tax revenues by encouraging …

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Georgia Takes Steps to Strengthen the Health Care Workforce

Georgia lawmakers are scheduled to meet Monday to study barriers that block Georgians’ access to adequate health care. …

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Support Adult English Language Education to Invest in Future

One in five Georgia children lives with at least one immigrant parent and nearly half of immigrants in …

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Immigration debate fuels worry about H-1B program

Emory University employs about 300 foreign workers under temporary visas, assigning them to a wide range of research …

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Refugees Help Make Georgia a Better Place

Over the past year or so, Georgians have grown increasingly aware of the challenges faced by refugees resettling in the state. A new report provides a wealth of information on how refugees in the U.S. fare over time and how they affect our local communities.

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Georgia’s Tuition Equity Opportunity Will Survive U.S. Supreme Court Case

Georgia leaders debated for years whether the state should allow young immigrants to pay in-state college tuition if …

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Ga. Legislature Advances Bills Regarding Immigration

As the last day of the state legislative session approaches, the Georgia General Assembly is considering a set …

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Drivers’ ID Bill Would Squander Big Bucks to Target Immigrants

A Senate bill threatens to spend hundreds of thousands of Georgia taxpayer dollars to compel work-eligible immigrants to …

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