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Cutting Education Is NOT the Only Option

Education comprises more than 50 percent of state spending; therefore, if lawmakers refuse to add new revenues to the state budget, the likely consequences for years to come are: larger class sizes in K-12 schools, less school days for some

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Deep Cuts in the Frontline

The governor’s proposed state budget cuts for fiscal year 2011 total $116.5 million, or 18.2 percent, of the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) budget.  Download the PDF.

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Deep Cuts are NOT Georgia’s Only Option

Using a more balanced approach to budgeting would reduce the cuts, such as budgeting additional revenues through increasing the cigarette tax,enacting a new top income tax rate, improving tax collections, suspending or ending tax breaks, increasing fees, and closing corporate

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Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Vital Eligibility Workers

The governor’s proposed Department of Human Services (DHS) budget cut 138 eligibility workers in FY 2011. Eligibility workers process applications for Georgians in need of “safety net” supports. Georgia should use new federal funds to increase the number of eligibility

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