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Food Stamp Requirements and Time Limits (ABAWDS)

Food Stamp Work Requirements and Time Limits (ABAWDS)   Who is subject to requirement? Regular Work Program Requirement Three-Month Time Limit All participants from ages 16 to 60, unless exempt. All participants from ages 18 to 50 without disabilities who

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Food Stamps Help More than 500,000 Working Georgians

Food assistance plays a critical role in helping Georgians working low-wage jobs put meals on the table. An average of 546,900 working Georgians lived in households that participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly called food stamps) in

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Georgia faces deep food stamp cuts

WASHINGTON – Georgia could lose nearly $700 million annually in food stamp funds under cuts proposed by the Trump Administration. Anti-hunger advocates fear the $193 billion reduction President Donald Trump proposes to the federal food stamp program during the next 10

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