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Medicaid waiver proposal clears Georgia House panel

  Legislation authorizing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue a Medicaid waiver was recently approved by a state House panel, potentially giving Georgia more flexibility to use federal funding but also capping who’s covered by an expansion. GBPI’s Laura Harker said

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Efforts to Raise “Tobacco Tax” in Ga.

Is an increase in Georgia’s “tobacco tax” the answer to reducing smoking rates as well as tobacco-related health care expenses? GBPI’s Laura Harker joined Closer Look with Rose Scott to discuss her report that said a raise in Georgia’s tobacco excise tax

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State representatives push for Medicaid expansion

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia cannot afford health insurance, but also don’t qualify for Medicaid. That’s according to Georgia lawmakers who want to change that. “About 1.2 million residents don’t have any health insurance,” said Laura Harker,

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Health insurance hikes could exceed 50 percent

ATLANTA — Some Georgians will pay even steeper premium hikes for health insurance next year if Congress doesn’t renew cost-sharing reduction payments that President Donald Trump announced last week will soon end. About 42,000 of the nearly half million people

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