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Georgia faces deep food stamp cuts

WASHINGTON – Georgia could lose nearly $700 million annually in food stamp funds under cuts proposed by the Trump Administration. Anti-hunger advocates fear the $193 billion reduction President Donald Trump proposes to the federal food stamp program during the next 10

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Career Pathways Can Strengthen Georgia Families

Georgia parents work hard every day to put food on the table and provide a brighter future for their children. Yet more than one in three of the state’s working families with children are likely to find themselves struggling to

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Economic Opportunity Agenda for Georgia Women

Introduction – Why An Economic Opportunity Agenda for Georgia Women? The economic status of women in Georgia is a key factor in the overall health and future of the state’s economy. Women represent a majority of Georgia’s adult population[1] and

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More will have to work to keep food stamps

Georgia plans to significantly expand the number of counties that require food stamp recipients with no children to find a job, extending the program from three to 24 counties across the state. The extension will bring another 10,000 people under

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