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The GOP debate over a minimum wage for cops and deputies

According to a study based on census data, recently highlighted by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, some 3,200 members of this state’s law enforcement community — bailiffs, prison guards, jailers, beat cops and deputy sheriffs — are food stamp recipients. “That’s probably

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Food Stamps Help More than 500,000 Working Georgians

Food assistance plays a critical role in helping Georgians working low-wage jobs put meals on the table. An average of 546,900 working Georgians lived in households that participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly called food stamps) in

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People2People, One on One

WSB-TV’s Jocelyn Dorsey and GBPI’s Taifa Smith Butler cover the 2016 Georgia Legislature, Medicaid expansion – 4 mins. Watch the full video online.

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State Minimum Wage Hearing Testimony, Feb. 11, 2016

These written remarks in support of a higher state minimum wage reflect the full version of the abbreviated testimony provided by GBPI’s Wesley Tharpe at the Feb. 11, 2016 meeting of the Georgia Senate Insurance and Labor Committee. Thank you

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Making Work Pay Should be a 2016 Priority

Georgians today are working harder and for more hours than ever before. Yet they still struggle to get ahead. Many of the new jobs our economy is adding don’t pay much and take-home pay for workers in a wide range

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