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How Does Georgia Fund Schools?

The video above is narrated by Dr. Stephen Owens, GBPI Senior Policy Analyst. Below is a full transcript. The decades-old law that dictates how the state of Georgia disperses money to schools sits at the heart of most education policy

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Take Georgia’s School Rating System with a Grain of Salt

This fall, the Georgia Department of Education is set to release its new annual scores for individual schools and districts, known as the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI). Well-designed accountability systems can provide parents and policymakers with useful

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Richardson: Sounding the alarm

For the sake of discussion, this column will assume a few things as given: There are higher numbers of children in poverty in our public schools than ever before. More on that later and the data to prove it. Read

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Savannah-Chatham schools face cramped classes

Georgia legislators have imposed revenue reductions to the public education budget, called austerity cuts, for more than a decade, and 95 percent of the state’s cash-strapped school districts have increased class sizes to help make ends mee Read more.

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