Georgia Budget Primer 2013: An overview of the FY 2013 budget and related trends


ATLANTA – The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute released its annual report, the Georgia Budget Primer 2013. The report provides an overview for the FY 2013 budget as well as budget trends in key areas such as education, health care, and human services.

Four years after the biggest recession since the Great Depression, Georgia is recovering, albeit slowly. With nearly 220,000 jobs lost since the start of the recession and $2 billion less in state coffers, Georgia has responded with years of belt-tightening and austerity, challenging the state’s ability to provide critical services and lay the groundwork for a robust recovery. Today, Georgia has fewer revenues to meet the needs of school children and college students, ensure safe neighborhoods, provide health care for the elderly and disabled, help abused children, and improve economically vital highways and transit systems. Experts call it a “structural deficit” -year after year, budget after budget, the money coming in is not enough to keep pace with the needs of Georgians and demands of a modern economy.

In developing a solid financial plan for Georgia, it is important for policymakers to set priorities that meet the needs of Georgians and make the necessary investments to attract business, create jobs, and grow the economy. A balanced approach that includes strategic investments in areas that make Georgia competitive is essential for the state’s future. Public education, transportation, public safety, and quality of life are key areas that we must not sacrifice.

The Georgia Budget Primer 2013 provides a snapshot of Georgia’s finances and the trends that must be reversed to put the state on sound economic footing.

Click here to download the Georgia Budget Primer 2013.

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