Georgia Lawmakers Move to Limit Nation’s Largest Film Incentive

After a year of study, Georgia House and Senate leaders announced Wednesday that they’d

After studying the issue for the last eight months, Georgia lawmakers unveiled a proposal on Wednesday to limit the state’s lucrative film and TV tax incentive.

Georgia has the largest production tax credit in the country, with $1.24 billion in credits certified last year. Over the last decade, soundstages have sprouted up around Atlanta and hundreds of productions have come to the state, including “May December,” “Black Panther,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Walking Dead.”

Unlike in most other states, the Georgia credit is not capped. As it surpassed $1 billion a year, some lawmakers have worried that it poses a risk to state finances and makes it harder to cut income taxes across the board.

“What we’ve seen from legislative leaders is a clear desire to rein in the overall cost of this program,” said Danny Kanso, a fiscal analyst at the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute.

Read the full article by Variety Magazine.

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