PRESS RELEASE: Georgia Budget & Policy Institute Proposes Bold Solutions to Expand Post-Secondary Education Opportunities for Low-Income Students and Students of Color

GEORGIA – The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) is proud to unveil a groundbreaking report that advocates for a significant expansion of post-secondary education options, specifically targeting low-income students and students of color. The report, authored by Ashley Young, Education Analyst at GBPI, proposes strategic enhancements to completion grants and the implementation of other comprehensive need-based aid programs.

“Expanded need-based aid is pivotal in dismantling systemic barriers and making higher education accessible to Georgians with the greatest financial need. Through targeted modifications to the Completion Grants program and more comprehensive need-based aid, we can foster an inclusive and equitable educational landscape,” said Ashley Young. “Lawmakers must champion these necessary changes to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds can pursue and complete higher education.”

The report meticulously examines the Completion Grants program’s impact after its first year, providing a nuanced understanding by contextualizing it within Georgia’s historical financial aid landscape. It specifically shines a spotlight on persistent racial inequities and the escalating student debt experienced by people of color. GBPI’s data collection involved gathering qualitative insights from students and financial aid staff across a diverse array of Georgia’s institutions.

GBPI will host a virtual fireside chat on December 12th at 6 PM EST to discuss Georgia’s Completion Grants program and the report’s findings. The event will provide an opportunity for stakeholders, policymakers and the public to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the proposed enhancements and the broader goal of expanding post-secondary education access.
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The full report can be accessed on GBPI’s website at




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