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Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

Deep Cuts in the Frontline

The governor’s proposed state budget cuts for fiscal year 2011 total $116.5 million, or 18.2 percent, of the ...
Washington-Dollar-Portrait-696x463 Budget and Taxes

Why Revenues are Falling and What Georgia Can do About It

The state budget deficit is due to a lack of revenues. State revenue collections, as a percentage of ...
Capitol-3- (1) Budget and Taxes

The Only Solution to Georgia’s Multi-Billion Dollar Shortfall Is a Balanced Approach

Georgia’s budget crisis is not due to funding the wrong priorities or waste and inefficiency. Georgia has a ...
Washington-Dollar-Portrait-696x463 Budget and Taxes

Deep Cuts are NOT Georgia’s Only Option

Using a more balanced approach to budgeting would reduce the cuts, such as budgeting additional revenues through increasing ...

Rebuilding Georgia’s Rainy Day Fund is Key to Long-Term Budget Stability

Over the next three to five years, the state needs between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in surpluses ...

Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Vital Eligibility Workers

The governor’s proposed Department of Human Services (DHS) budget cut 138 eligibility workers in FY 2011. Eligibility workers ...

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