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doctor (1) Budget and Taxes

House Restores Proposed Health Care Cuts; Opens Potential Medicaid Shortfall

This fact sheet provides an analysis of the proposed FY 2012 budget and its impact on Medicaid and …

Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

House Bill 78: More Budget Cuts, Fewer Services

This fact sheet provides an analysis of the proposed FY 2012 budget. Download the PDF.

Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Should Examine Tax Breaks When Prioritizing State Spending

As resources remain low and demands brought on by a growing population and a severe recession remain high, …

Wallet (1) Budget and Taxes

Income Tax Evens Out the Burden for Families

One of the largest questions for tax reform is “Who pays?” A dramatic shift from income to sales …

Capitol-1-696x392 Budget and Taxes

Reducing Exemptions is Good Tax Reform, But Taxing Groceries is Highly Regressive

All exemptions, credits, and deductions should be examined and weighed against each other and against the principles of …

Baby-Vaccine (1) Fact Sheets

What is in Store for Georgia’s Medicaid Enrollment?

The new healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act) increases eligibility for Medicaid and provides states significant new funding …

Hospital-Patient (1) Fact Sheets

Georgia & Federal Government Ensure Elderly and Newborns Have Safety Net

Georgia’s Medicaid program is a significant payer of healthcare services for some of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents. This …

Mother-Child-Kiss (1) Fact Sheets

Georgia Can Promote a Pathway from Poverty to the Middle Class

One in five Georgia children live in poverty. This fact sheet provides the latest Census data on poverty …

doctor (1) Budget and Taxes

New Federal Tax Credit Benefits 84% of Small Businesses in Georgia

The new healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act) includes new tax credits to help small businesses provide health …

Doctor-Exam (1) Fact Sheets

More Georgians Lack Employer Coverage

This fact sheet provides the latest Affordable Care Act on health coverage and uninsured rates for Georgia. The …

Doctor-Exam (1) Budget and Taxes

Georgia is Depending on Congress to Avert a Medicaid Crisis

Georgia’s new budget assumes Recovery Act Medicaid funds will be extended past Dec. 31, when it is expires. …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Should Find new Revenue to Ensure Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Georgia’s Medicaid program needs nearly $1 billion for FY 2011 and FY 2012. This shortfall is not due …

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