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Doctor-Exam (1) Fact Sheets

More Georgians Lack Employer Coverage

This fact sheet provides the latest Affordable Care Act on health coverage and uninsured rates for Georgia. The …

Doctor-Exam (1) Budget and Taxes

Georgia is Depending on Congress to Avert a Medicaid Crisis

Georgia’s new budget assumes Recovery Act Medicaid funds will be extended past Dec. 31, when it is expires. …

Pill-Capsules (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Should Find new Revenue to Ensure Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Georgia’s Medicaid program needs nearly $1 billion for FY 2011 and FY 2012. This shortfall is not due …

Wallet-Squeeze (1) Budget and Taxes

Capital Gains Tax Breaks, 2010

Capital gains tax preferences are costly, inequitable, and ineffective. They deprive states of millions of dollars in needed …

GoldDome2 (1) Budget and Taxes

Most Drastic Cuts Endanger Those Hurt By The Recession.

Governor Perdue recently ordered three percent more in cuts to the Department of Human Services (DHS), which is …

Capitol-3- (1) Budget and Taxes

Increasing the Tobacco Tax Brings Signficant Revenue, Prevents Cuts

Georgia’s Tobacco Revenue is likely to more than double if HB 39 passes, despite declining sales without new …

Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

Georgia Has Many Revenue Options Other Than Deep Cuts

Georgia Has Many Revenue Options Available: Lawmakers should avoid harming Georgia’s economy more by slashing vital services and …

Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

Spending Cuts Harm Georgia’s Economy More Than Targeted Tax Increases

Lawmakers should close the deficit and protect local economies by raising more revenues: “It is important not to …

Capitol-1-696x392 Budget and Taxes

Cutting Education Is NOT the Only Option

Education comprises more than 50 percent of state spending; therefore, if lawmakers refuse to add new revenues to …

Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

Deep Cuts in the Frontline

The governor’s proposed state budget cuts for fiscal year 2011 total $116.5 million, or 18.2 percent, of the …

Washington-Dollar-Portrait-696x463 Budget and Taxes

Why Revenues are Falling and What Georgia Can do About It

The state budget deficit is due to a lack of revenues. State revenue collections, as a percentage of …

Capitol-3- (1) Budget and Taxes

The Only Solution to Georgia’s Multi-Billion Dollar Shortfall Is a Balanced Approach

Georgia’s budget crisis is not due to funding the wrong priorities or waste and inefficiency. Georgia has a …

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