Homeless (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the House’s FY 2011 Budget Proposal for the Dept. of Human Services

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget proposal cuts the Department of Human Services budget by an additional …

Wallet-Squeeze (1) Budget and Taxes

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes 2010: The Impact of Revenue Bills Passed by the House

The House of Reps passed bills to raise nearly $300 million in new revenues and improve tax collections. …

Capitol-3- (1) Budget and Taxes

House Bill 1219 Singles Out the Poorest Georgians to Tax

More than 1 million Georgia taxpayers claimed the Low Income Tax Credit in 2007, receiving $29 million in …

Sensible Tax Change to State Income Tax Would Raise $450 Million

Georgia is one of a few states that allows a deduction for state income taxes for filers who …

Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

Last Chance for Policymakers to Fund Forest Land Protection Act Reimbursements

The Amended Fiscal Year 2010 budget should contain the first state reimbursements to certain schools and counties for …

Classroom-Elementary (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the Governor’s FY 2011 Education Budget Proposals

Education does not escape the governor’s proposed cuts to agencies for the upcoming year. Adjusted for inflation, per …

Embrace (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the Governor’s FY 2011 Department of Human Services Budget Proposals

The Department of Human Services is facing a wide variety of budget cuts in the FY 2011 budget …

Wallet-Squeeze (1) Budget and Taxes

Overview of the Governor’s Proposed FY 2010 Amended Budget and the FY 2011 Budget

Due to the “Great Recession,” state revenues have continued to decline through the first six months of the …

Nurse-Blood-Pressure (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the Governor’s Amended FY 2010 & FY 2011 Health Care Budget Proposals

The enacted fiscal year (FY) 2010 budget spared the Department of Community Health (DCH) from large-scale program cuts …

US-Congress (1) Budget and Taxes

Recovery Act Directly Aiding Unemployed, Elderly, and Low-Income Families

Data on dollars spent and Georgians helped to date with a county-by-county breakdown.

Strategies Georgia Can Use to Reduce Rising Poverty

Every day, Georgians work hard to support their families. More than 300,000 working families are low income and …

book (1) Reports

Deciphering the Tax Rankings

In talking about taxes, GBPI often says that Georgia is a low tax state. We cite data from …

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