Homeless-Pair-696x455 (1) Cash and Safety Net

Establishing an Economic Security Task Force in Georgia

The Great Recession has dramatically changed the face of poverty in Georgia. More middle class families are falling ...
Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

Advancing Georgia’s 1930s Tax System to the Modern Day

The report offers recommendations to the 2010 Tax Reform Council that stress a workable combination of raising enough ...
Wallet-Crunch- (1) Budget and Taxes

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes 2010: Gov Vetoes Revenue Drains, but Signs Law to Raise Taxes on Poor

The General Assembly passed bills to raise $438 million and improve tax collections during the recent legislative session, ...
Playground-Children (1) Budget and Taxes

State Directs Majority of TANF Funds to Child Welfare Despite Rise in TANF Recipients for FY 2011

Georgia has 13.7% cumulatively less TANF funds than it had to use for families struggling to make ends ...
Hospital-Room (1) Budget and Taxes

Lawmakers Protect Medicaid, Funding Gaps Loom for 2012: Analysis of FY 2011 Health Care Budgets

Lawmakers cut Department of Community Health by $236.8 million and increased support for the Department of Behavioral Health ...
Capitol-1-696x392 Budget and Taxes

Deep Cuts to Government Mark Fiscal Year 2011, Budget May Yet Be in the Red

The Great Recession has resulted in the worst fiscal crisis in more than 70 years, resulting in multi-billion ...
Holding-Child (1) Budget and Taxes

State Budget Slashes Services for Children, Poor, and the Elderly

Responding to Georgia’s low projected revenues for this upcoming fiscal year, Georgia legislators and the governor agreed to ...
Classroom-Elementary2 (1) Budget and Taxes

Education Budgets FY 2011 Highlights … And the Four Options for the Future

In response to continued revenue declines and limited new revenue measures, lawmakers cut education — K-12, University System, ...
Washington-Dollar-Portrait-696x463 Budget and Taxes

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: House and Senate Improve Short-Term Fiances, but Pass Revenue Drains on Future Budgets

The General Assembly took some positive steps to address the $5 billion deficit. However, they continued passing long-term ...
Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

Major Differences Between House and Senate Fiscal Year 2011 Budgets

Both the House and Senate largely kept the governor’s cuts for this current fiscal year and what he ...
Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Budget and Taxes

House Bill 1198 Eliminates $21 Million in Tax Credits for 1 Million of the Poorest Georgians

This report documents the Senate’s amendment to a house bill that raises taxes on the poorest during this ...
GoldDome2 (1) Budget and Taxes

Overview of the House of Representatives Proposed FY 2011 Budget

The House’s version of the FY 2011 budget balances the budget by incorporating additional budget cuts than that ...

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