Georgia is facing an economic and fiscal crisis that threatens the state’s ability to fund critically-needed programs and services in health, education and more. A state revenue shortfall of nearly $3 billion is projected in fiscal year 2021, and the state has called for deep budget cuts across the board. But cutting our way out of this crisis is not our only option. While federal aid to help close state shortfalls is needed, Georgia’s state leaders must also tap into bipartisan, common-sense proposals to increase revenue that would not impact the amount of taxes paid by the vast majority of families and would actually level the playing field for most Georgians. You can learn more about the options to raise revenues here. 

In the fall of 2019, GBPI polled Georgians to see how they felt about taxes and potential cuts to services. 78.3 percent of Georgians oppose or strongly oppose budget cuts if they touch on public safety, health care and education , and 68.1 percent oppose cuts that involve  layoffs. You can see more results from this poll here.

Write Your Legislator

Write your legislator today to let them know that not only do they have options, but that these options are the only way to prevent the acceleration of a massive economic downturn, severely underfunding schools and negatively affecting the lives of millions of Georgians in every community across the state. Use this page to easily contact your Georgia lawmakers.

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Most of Georgia’s film tax credits paid for by Georgia taxpayers go to California companies. Capping these credits would help Georgia raise revenue for programs and services that help Georgia’s communities.

As Georgia faces a revenue shortfall, lawmakers don’t have to just cut services; they can raise revenues instead. Raising the tobacco tax, trimming back credits and eliminating the double deduction would mean less cuts to priorities like education and health care.

If GA cuts the budget, people of color and Georgians in rural communities will likely bear the brunt. Georgia could raise revenue instead of furthering inequities. Learn more about our options here:

80.5% of Georgians support lifting the tobacco tax to the national average to raise much-needed revenue for the state of GA. Raising revenues would mitigate the potential cuts to state programs and services. Learn more:

In Georgia, 78.3 percent of people oppose or strongly oppose budget cuts to health care and education programs , and 68.1 percent oppose cuts that involve  layoffs. Learn more:

Georgia’s state leaders must tap into bipartisan, common-sense proposals to increase revenue. Lifting Georgia’s tobacco tax to the national average could raise $600 million in revenue per year. #gapol

Georgia already spends less per resident than it did before the last recession. Lawmakers must make an effort to immediately raise revenue, as budget cuts will accelerate a massive economic downturn that harms Georgians in every community. #gapol

Painful budget cuts are not the only option available for Georgia. Lawmakers can tap into these proposals to immediately increase revenue while not affecting the amount of taxes paid by the vast majority of families. #gapol

Write a Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to make your voice heard regarding your support for raising revenues or any other issue in Georgia. Letters to the editor are short (ideally 250-300 words), simple and, whenever possible, reflect your personal reasons for supporting new revenues, whether you or a loved one would benefit, your religious/moral views align with the bill, or the bill affects you as a taxpayer. You can download a guide to writing one here.

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