State of Working Georgia 2012

The State of Working Georgia brings together a wide range of data on jobs, incomes, poverty, health insurance, and other economic conditions to explore the most important question facing Georgia’s leaders: how are ordinary working Georgians, the engine behind the state’s economy, faring?  The report is produced annually and is part of the State of Working America project from the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute.

According to the most recent and comprehensive data available, the short answer is “not very well.”  Working Georgians continue to struggle through the difficult aftermath of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and the downturn’s impact on Georgians’ financial well-being – their incomes, wealth, and wages – has been quite severe. Due to the almost unprecedented impact of the Great Recession, working Georgians have seen essentially two decades worth of economic progress disappear.  Download the PDF.

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