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Dual Enrollment Explained

Georgia’s Dual Enrollment program allows high school students, grades 9 through 12, to enroll in college courses and earn college credit while in high school.  Students and their families do not pay for tuition, fees or books. They are only

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3 Ways Georgia Can Make College More Affordable

In a few short years, more than 60 percent of Georgia jobs will require some postsecondary education1. Georgians with a bachelor’s degree earn nearly $17,000 more than those with some college or an associate degree and in excess of $22,000

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If education is the key, why is Georgia doing this?

U.S. Sen. David Perdue had harsh words for President Obama after Obama’s visit to Georgia Tech earlier this month. The president had come to highlight the importance of education and his administration’s efforts to make college more affordable, but Perdue

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