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Time to Retire Georgia’s Sales Tax Holidays

This weekend marks the return of that semi-annual Georgia tradition, the two-day sales tax holiday, this one for back-to-school supplies. But when state legislators return to work in January 2016, they can seize the chance to bring the misguided tradition

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Pro-Work Tax Credits Give Georgia Fathers a Hand

Countless Georgians will celebrate the role that fathers play in their families this Sunday, on Father’s Day. They’ll reflect on all the hard-work, sacrifice, trials, tribulations and joy found along the path to successful fatherhood. It’s highly unlikely many families

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Georgia Moms Earn It

Working moms are the bedrock of so many Georgia families. Between raising kids, contributing to their communities and holding down one or more jobs, moms put in a lot more than a full day’s work. That’s one of the many

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Low Pay Holds Georgia Back

As published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution April 29, 2015 Kills jobs. Bad for business. Hurts the economy. Minimum wage detractors have pushed those arguments for decades and they’re common parlance among some legislators and lobbyists. But those claims are no

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