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A Double Standard for Sales Tax Breaks

Tax breaks should be decided on their merits, not based on the pull of powerful lobbyists. Unfortunately, the governor seems to have taken the opposite course this month in his treatment of two sales tax exemptions. While he vetoed renewal

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GBPI Shapes the Conversation

When the General Assembly is in session we find extra energy to make sure GBPI policy analysis reaches media outlets throughout Georgia.  Our efforts made an impact on public debate during the 2013 session. Our perspectives can be found in

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Some tax breaks might not work

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution features Georgia Budget and Policy Institute’s Executive Director Alan Essig’s op-ed on corporate tax breaks in Georgia. As published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution The 2013 General Assembly is considering giving special tax treatment to encourage mobile home

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Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget

Georgia’s Economic Recovery Requires State Support for Education, Transportation, Health Care The Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget report examines the Governor’s fiscal year 2014 budget  and its impact on the public resources that matter most to Georgians.  The

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