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Overview of Georgia’s 2015 Fiscal Year Budget

The $20.8 billion budget proposed for Georgia’s 2015 fiscal year projects general fund revenue growth of 4.3 percent, or $807 million more than the recently revised 2014 revenue estimate.  State revenues are back to pre-recession levels, but the proposed budget

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K-12 education funding a top priority

As published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on January 12, 2014. Georgia’s leaders are talking about increasing spending on public schools for the first time since the Great Recession forced drastic state budget cuts. Those cuts continue to prompt local districts

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Georgia should tally cost, benefit of business tax breaks

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute’s Executive Director Alan Essig says the state should take a more business-like approach to decide whether corporate tax breaks are worthwhile in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-ed. As published in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Georgia gives

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Revenue Growth Makes State Budget Woes Less Worse

Although Georgia’s revenue growth trend is positive, the state still faces significant budget problems. First, some good news: According to a preliminary report of the Georgia Office of the Treasurer, revenue from all sources, including those collected by the Georgia

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