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Overview: 2018 Fiscal Year Budget for Higher Education

Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed budget of nearly $2.3 billion for the university system and approximately $360 million for technical colleges includes money to increase salaries, which should help both systems attract and retain faculty. Still, state spending per student in

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Student Success in the Balance: Update for 2017

Updated Oct. 27, 2016 Schools Likely Worse Off With New Funding Formula Strong public schools are essential in preparing young students for postsecondary study and life. They also prepare students for the demands of a competitive job market and to

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Troubling Gaps in HOPE Point to Need-based Aid Solutions

Completing a postsecondary program is more important than ever for a student’s future well-being and the state’s economic growth. But rising costs are combining with shrinking access to Georgia’s financial aid programs to push higher education out of reach for

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