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Aiming for Average in Education Spending

Georgia ranks 38th among states for public school spending. Spending per student in Georgia is $1,807 less than the national average, according to new census data. Factor in geographic cost differences and that disparity rises to $2,553. Gov. Nathan Deal’s

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Overview: 2017 Fiscal Year Budget for Higher Education

Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed budget of $2.47 billion for the state’s two postsecondary systems includes money intended to help increase faculty salaries, which trail those of competing neighbor states. Still, state spending per student in the university system remains far

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Another Tax Credit for Private School Scholarships

Georgia lawmakers are considering legislation to create a new tax credit for individuals and corporations that donate to organizations that provide scholarships to K-12 students from low-income families to attend private schools. The proposal, House Bill 865, would establish the

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Overview: 2017 Fiscal Year Budget for K-12 Education

The $8.92 billion for Georgia’s 180 public school districts in Gov. Nathan Deal’s 2017 budget proposal represents a $415.9 million increase above the 2016 budget. The proposal reduces the austerity cut in state K-12 funding imposed on school districts by

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Long-Awaited State K-12 Funding Overhaul Underachieves

Georgia’s students are working hard to reach standards higher than those set for any previous generation. Meanwhile, the state is not ensuring they have the resources needed to reach those heights. Gov. Nathan Deal’s Education Reform Commission approved a proposed

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