Policy Fellow, Immigration, Criminal Justice

Stephanie Angel

Stephanie Angel is a policy fellow at GBPI, where she produces research on immigration and the criminal justice system.

Stephanie earned her J.D. from Emory University School of Law, where she predominantly gained experience with the U.S. immigration system. Her previous work experience includes both family-based immigration work with the Latin American Association and employment-based immigration work with two large law firms in Atlanta. During her time in law school, Stephanie also gained exposure to the judiciary through her participation in the Sonia and Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program.

A south Florida native, she received her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University as a dual-major in Philosophy and International Affairs.

Recent Posts by Stephanie

Person driving steering wheel Inclusive Economy for Immigrants

Green-Light Georgia Driver’s Licenses for All Immigrants

    Key Takeaways: Expanded access to a driver’s card promotes family unity and enhances road safety. GBPI ...
web-imgprimer Inclusive Economy for Immigrants

Immigration Primer

  Executive Summary The U.S. immigration system is complex and difficult to navigate. Newcomers migrate to this country ...
Prison cell front Blog

COVID-19 Has Exacerbated the Inequities Inherent in Incarceration

    Key Takeaways: Prior to the pandemic, the GDC population was rising, leaving those within densely populated ...
Department of Corrections 2021 cover Budget Primer

Georgia Criminal Legal System Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2021

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) budget for 2021 is $1.1 billion. The department oversees all aspects of ...
daca matters Blog

DACA Will Continue to Protect More Than 20,000 Georgians

Key Takeaways: The Supreme Court ruled against ending the DACA program, which provides temporary relief from deportation to ...
Mother puts mask on daughter Blog

Implement Immigrant-Inclusive Policies During the COVID-19 Crisis

Key Takeaways Thus far, many state and federal efforts to mitigate the health and economic effects of COVID-19 ...
discussion Cash and Safety Net

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Eligibility for Georgia Unemployment Insurance

With thousands of Georgians across the state being laid off from their jobs, unemployment insurance (UI) is one ...
rework-5 Blog

Every Georgian Deserves Access to Higher Education

Co-authored by Policy Fellow Stephanie Angel and Senior Policy Analyst Jennifer Lee Diana graduated from Gainesville High School ...
website-2chance Alex Camardelle

Jumpstart Economic Opportunity with a Clean Slate

By: Stephanie Angel, Policy Fellow and Alex Camardelle, Senior Policy Analyst Introduction Tens of thousands of Georgia citizens ...
Courthouse Budget and Taxes

Overview: Georgia’s 2021 Fiscal Year Budget for Georgia Department of Corrections

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2021, Gov. Brian Kemp proposed a $1.16 billion budget for the Georgia Department of ...

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