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Revenue Growth Makes State Budget Woes Less Worse

Although Georgia’s revenue growth trend is positive, the state still faces significant budget problems. First, some good news: According to a preliminary report of the Georgia Office of the Treasurer, revenue from all sources, including those collected by the Georgia

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Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget

Georgia’s Economic Recovery Requires State Support for Education, Transportation, Health Care The Overview of Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget report examines the Governor’s fiscal year 2014 budget  and its impact on the public resources that matter most to Georgians.  The

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The countdown has begun

Posted by Timothy Sweeney The countdown has begun: Now that the election is over comes news that what had been one of the staunchest anti-health reform governors in the nation – Florida’s Rick Scott – has softened his stance on

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More Bad News on Revenue Means New Direction is Needed

Posted by Alan Essig Sluggish revenue growth continues to dog Georgia, threatening more damaging cuts to education, health care, and other vital services unless policymakers accept the reality that a different course of action is possible – and necessary. Revenue

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