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Opinion: Waivers Should Extend Coverage, Improve Cost

The Patients First Act (SB 106) could significantly change health care in Georgia, but questions remain. Medicaid expansion has proven successful and the Section 1115 waiver can increase Medicaid income eligibility up to the poverty line, but state leaders are

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Ga. Senate Rejects School Voucher Bill

After a two-hour fiery debate, the Georgia Senate rejected a bill that would have essentially created a school voucher program. Senate Bill 173 would let parents put money the state allocates for their child in public school into an Education

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College Affordability Creates Hurdles for Many Students

The following is a summary of a presentation on College Affordability delivered by GBPI Higher Education Analyst Jennifer Lee. Increasing college completion among low-income students is a necessity for Georgia and a higher education goal for GBPI. Financial challenges create

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