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Medicaid waiver proposal clears Georgia House panel

  Legislation authorizing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue a Medicaid waiver was recently approved by a state House panel, potentially giving Georgia more flexibility to use federal funding but also capping who’s covered by an expansion. GBPI’s Laura Harker said

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GBPI Continues to Weigh In on Patients First Act

Access to Quality Health Care Hearing for SB 106 – ‘Patients First Act’ Though our Georgia legislators are confident the federal administration will support a partial Medicaid waiver, the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute still believes a better waiver design will

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Senate committee approves Kemp’s health care waivers

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed legislation on Feb. 19 to allow Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue health care waivers from the federal government. During the hourlong hearing, no one spoke against the bill’s broad purpose – to cover

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