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Georgia desperate for need-based aid

It is no secret that college tuitions around the nation are rising every year. These rising prices cause what I call “student-cutbacks,” where large percentages of students are forced to drop out of their universities because they can no longer

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Georgia Higher Education Data Book

This guide is designed to provide a demographic snapshot of Georgia’s colleges at the outset of the 2017-2018 school year, with insight into the forces that shape Georgia’s approach to higher education policy. This booklet documents the various needs filled

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Presentation: Equity in Higher Education – Who gets HOPE?

Georgia’s lottery-funded HOPE Scholarships and Grants are among the state’s most well-known programs, and thousands of students benefit from them. However, GBPI’s analysis shows that most students, many of modest means, do not benefit from the state’s primary financial aid

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HOPE for whom?

New analysis of Georgia’s aid program for top students — a model for those of many other states — finds that it is missing many low-income and minority students. Read the full article on Inside Higher Ed.

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