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Uninsured Rates Fall in States Expanding Medicaid

States that take advantage of new federal money available to extend Medicaid coverage to more residents are seeing substantial declines in uninsured rates this year. It makes sense. Greater Medicaid eligibility increases health coverage, and updated numbers from 2014 provide

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Fact Check: Georgia Gets Money’s Worth from Medicaid

It’s frustrating to hear the cost-effectiveness of Georgia’s existing Medicaid program bashed as opponents of eligibility expansion stretch for reasons to justify legislation rushing through the General Assembly this year. Georgia gets a great value from its investment in Medicaid

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Medicaid Expansion Opposition Enters Absurd Territory

Georgia’s House Judiciary Committee this week gave approval to a puzzling one-two punch of legislation aimed at distancing the state from expanding Medicaid eligibility. House Bill 990 seems straight forward enough. It attempts to require the General Assembly to give

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