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Georgia Health Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2017

Georgia Health Care Budget Overview Health care services are primarily delivered through three state agencies, the departments of Community Health, Public Health and Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. State funding for these three agencies totals nearly $4.5 billion in 2017,

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Prescribing Remedies for Georgia’s Medical Provider Shortage

Local access to health professionals varies widely across Georgia, from relative availability in populous Fulton County to the daunting challenge found in many rural communities. State trends mask the nuanced differences among Georgia’s regions. Evidence indicates nearly two-thirds of Georgia’s

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Tax Credit for Contributions to Rural Hospitals

Bill analysis updated on Mar. 10, 2016. Please see updated draft. Georgia lawmakers are considering a $250 million tax credit program for individual and corporate donations to hospitals in rural or nearly-rural Georgia communities. House Bill 919 is designed to

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