Senior Policy Analyst, Higher Education

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is the senior policy analyst for higher education at GBPI, where she focuses on state policies that provide Georgians greater opportunity to complete a higher education credential regardless of race, ethnicity and family income.

Prior to joining GBPI in 2017, she was research associate and director of the Texas Kids Count Project at the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Wellesley College and holds a master’s in public affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Recent Posts by Jennifer Lee

College-students-studying-696x464 Blog

Need-Based Aid Complements School Scholarships, Helps Fill Financial Holes for College Students

The University of Georgia is embarking on a campaign it calls Commit to Georgia. In part, the campaign ...
Group-of-graduates-696x463 Blog

“Momentum Year” Has Potential to Improve Graduation Rates

This semester, the University System of Georgia launched its Momentum Year initiative to improve college completion rates. Momentum ...
Vocational-school Fact Sheets

HOPE Career Grants: Realizing the Full Potential of Targeted Workforce Investments

HOPE Career Grant Programs, Fall 2017 Automotive Technology Aviation Technology Certified Engineer Assistant Commercial Truck Driving Computer Programming ...
Higher-Ed-Primer Budget Primer

Georgia Higher Education Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2019

Higher Education Budget Overview The higher education budget in Georgia is $2.4 billion for the university system and ...
Woodruff-Library-696x464 Blog

Overlooked Colleges Often a Springboard to Middle Class and Beyond

You might be familiar with college rankings, like the well-known list U.S. News and World Report compiles. Each ...
FAFSA-35 Blog

Helping Students Navigate Financial Aid Forms Offers Georgia Big Return

Janai Raphael’s job as a college advisor at Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta often means she plays ...
Jennifer-Sen.-Millar-696x464 Blog

Lawmakers Pass Need-Based Aid Bill, What’s Next?

On the last day of Georgia’s 2018 legislative session, the Senate passed a bill that aims to help ...
COD-Newsroom-2-696x464 Blog

Bill Proposes Grant for Working Georgia College Students with Financial Need

Bill Analysis: Senate Bill 405 (LC 21 5954 S, AM 21 3929) Georgia needs more people with higher ...
Lizzie-696x465 Blog

Invest in College Students Like They Invest in Themselves

Lizzie Mathias balances a full-time course load at Middle Georgia State University’s campus in Macon, works about 40 ...
Jennifer-with-Albany-students-2 Blog

Support Students by Removing HOPE Seven-Year Time Limit

– Update on Feb. 26: House Bill 218 proposes to extend the time that students have to use the ...
Pre-K-graduation Higher Education

Overview: 2019 Fiscal Year Budget for Lottery-Funded Programs

Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed 2019 budget includes $70.5 million in added lottery funds, bringing the total for Georgia’s ...
College-students-in-lecture Higher Education

Overview: 2019 Fiscal Year Budget for Higher Education

Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed $2.4 billion budget for the university system and $367 million for technical colleges includes ...

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