ChildrenBrothers-696x464 Alan Essig

Think Low Business Taxes Fuel Job Growth? Think Again.

Once again Georgia is shown to be a low tax state. The Tax Foundation, a conservative think tank ...
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Food for Thought on Georgia’s Medicaid Redesign

Although Georgia already spends less than most states on its Medicaid program, State leaders plan to “redesign” the ...
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SB 447 Asks the Unemployed to Pay for Years of Employer Tax Cuts

By now you have probably heard that Georgia owes a lot of money to the federal government, $736 ...
Wallet (1) Alan Essig

Op-ed: So-called fix is a proven failure (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

As posted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Plans to eliminate or drastically cut personal income taxes and replace them ...
ChildrenBrothers-696x464 Alan Essig

Guest Blogger: Matthew Gardner | Reality Check: “High Rate” Income Tax States are Outperforming No-Tax States

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) recently released a report that destroys the myth that states ...
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The Tax Foundation says Georgia’s got a Business Tax Problem. Do Not Pay Attention.

If a car salesman told you that Fords are the highest ranked car, would you drive one off the lot ...
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Op-ed: Hope Reform 2.0 (Athens Banner-Herald)

Essig, Johnson: HOPE, pre-k need sustainable path As published in Athens Banner-Herald Understanding the realities of lottery funding ...
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Georgia’s Children and Families are Worth Fighting for

This month Congress will address extending the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program through September 30, 2012. ...
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HB 718: Well-intentioned, well-designed, and must be paid for

Earlier this month, GBPI released a report evaluating a tax credit proposal called CAPCO that nearly passed the ...
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Guest Blogger: Jared Bernstein

I’m very excited about visiting the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute next week and just wanted to quickly ...
ChildrenBrothers-696x464 Alan Essig

Initial Thoughts on Budget and Tax Proposals

For the first time in several years there are no dramatic cuts in the governor’s proposed budget, although ...
ChildrenBrothers-696x464 Alan Essig

The Time is Ripe for Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is long overdue in Georgia.  Last fall the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the ...

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