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Spread the Word: Raise Revenues for Georgia

Georgia is facing an economic and fiscal crisis that threatens the state’s ability to fund critically-needed programs and services in health, education and more. A state revenue shortfall of nearly $3 billion is projected in fiscal year 2021, and the

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Overview of Georgia’s 2021 Fiscal Year Budget

 Overview After a stretch of largely uninterrupted growth that saw state revenues climb by an annual average of 6 percent between fiscal years (FY) 2011 and 2019, many of Georgia’s agencies have been asked to make mandatory spending cuts.

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Healthier State Revenues Provide Opportunities

The welcome news is state tax revenues are up about 9.4 percent during the first three months of the 2016 fiscal year that started July 1. Georgia’s year-to-date collections total $5.13 billion, up $438.7 million, compared to $4.69 billion last

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