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Governor’s Tax Plan Carries $1 Billion Price

– GBPI press statement issued Feb. 20 in response to governor’s revised tax cut plan introduced earlier that day: “Gov. Nathan Deal’s rushed tax cut plan is worrisome because slashing the income tax rate holds the potential for unintended consequences. Nobody

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Georgia governor wants to slash state tax windfall

ATLANTA — When Congress overhauled the federal tax code two months ago, Georgia officials didn’t initially realize how much extra money taxpayers would be giving the state. Now, with the governor’s office estimating that Georgians will pay an additional $4.7

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In some states, sales tax holidays lose luster

Consumers in 16 states can take advantage of sales tax holidays this year — going on frenzied shopping sprees to buy items such as backpacks, computers and school clothes tax-free. But states confronting budget woes and a long list of

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Film tax credits focus on rural Georgia

State lawmakers want to send more film work to the rural corners of the state. A measure expanding tax credits for the film industry sweetens a new perk for post-production work, awarding an additional tax break for work done in

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