Tag: State Taxes

Lawmakers Wise to Reject Reckless Income Tax Measures

This year’s General Assembly produced no shortage of big debates, with subjects from religious exemptions to rape kits grabbing statewide and even national headlines. But beneath the surface lurked a serious threat to Georgia’s well-being that didn’t make it onto

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EITC Day 2016 Highlights

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a successful federal tax credit and powerful tool to support working families struggling to make ends meet. Georgia has a golden opportunity to strengthen working families, support small businesses and boost local economies

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Making Work Pay Should be a 2016 Priority

Georgians today are working harder and for more hours than ever before. Yet they still struggle to get ahead. Many of the new jobs our economy is adding don’t pay much and take-home pay for workers in a wide range

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